A downloadable Beta for Windows

Cassandra and Rebu are new hires to a tiny game development team. They are assigned to test an incredibly early version of the game based around Cassandra's base engine, but the two of them are still strangers and don't get along.

Help Cassandra and Rebu explore the tiny, unfinished world of "Fantasy Dance."

This is my first-ever "completed" RPG Maker project done for a Game Jam running alongside ADGQ. Things should work, but if they don't, somebody let me know and I'll take care of it.

If enough people enjoy what I have so far I'll come back and make improvements and updates. In the meantime, consider this finished.

*UPDATE: 3/3/17*

Fixed pause bug. Pause menu isn't useful but now it doesn't crash the game!

Fixed unintentional "weak walls" allowing player to walk on scenery.

Published Jan 16, 2017
Tagsmeta, RPG Maker


Don't Worry, It's A Beta!.exe 223 MB

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